About Teo Wences

I have been a real estate professional in Eugene, Oregon for more than ten years, and I have found the experience to be both challenging and rewarding. I have worked with first-time home buyers, seasoned buyers, sellers, and investors. Each transaction has taught me something new about real estate and about working with people. Through practice, research, and training I have developed effective negotiation skills so that I can champion my clients interests at all times and ensure a successful outcome. I have found that the best way to stay motivated is to focus on each client’s needs and welcome challenges as learning opportunities.

My search for new ideas and my work as an advocate for mobility-friendly homes is far from complete. I strongly believe that everyone should have some awareness of these concepts, and that steps should be taken to modify a home before the need arises. Thank you for sharing this website and taking the time to consider the convenience of living in a mobility-friendly home.

--Teo Wences